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Sharif Bey
Sharif Bey Art Flyer
Art Work
Instill & Inspire: The John & Vivian Hewitt Collection Exhibition 

July 11th - August 30th 

We are excited to announce Sharif Bey's first exhibition at Concept, Intuitions, Fault Lines, and Musings. The exhibition will be on view from July 11th-August 30th with an opening reception with the artist on July 11th from 6-8 PM. These new works, created over the course of the last year, disrupt the medium as much as they pay homage to it by navigating the perceived limitations of ceramics while embracing traditional and nontraditional materials and processes.

Bey's sculptures cross-reference contemporary notions of power and ornamentation, with forms associated with natural history and various traditional African jewelry/currencies. Specifically, Bey explores the bead as a symbol for cultural and political identity. The design material and form of beads are notable ways of distinguishing African societies of various cultural, religious, and geographical backgrounds. In this series Bey juxtapose's various objects, symbols, and imagery with hopes that the viewer will reconsider notions of power and value.  

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