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ArtsPulse LLC is devoted to affairs of the art.....Black art.The mission of ArtsPulse is to inspire and encourage art lovers to collect art; to present exhibitions of African American works of both established and emerging artists; to educate the public about important collections of African American art; and to present exhibitions of African American works from the collections of African American as well as other collectors. 


ArtsPulse is a Pittsburgh-based firm that endeavors to collaborate and partner with other organizations and individuals to foster a welcoming, supportive, and, ultimately, an enabling nationwide environment through which Black arts not only survive, but thrive. 


The vision of ArtsPulse is to be regarded as the leading firm for advising businesses, non-profits, and individuals on wise and strategic Black art collecting whether allocated acquisition funds are substantial or modest. 


Forthcoming in the spring of 2017 is the book produced by ArtsPulse founder and president Yvonne Cook, Instill & Inspire: the John & Vivian Hewitt Collection of African- American Art (University of Pittsburgh Press). Through the publication's illuminating pages, readers can experience exemplars from the universe of visual art of the Black world, its artist, and its collectors that ArtsPulse so passionately embraces. 

“I love helping to shape and support ideas and seeing them come to realization.”

-Yvonne Cook-

-Founder & President_

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